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Project Description

? BBC account in apps

The project

The account module refers to what users see within the app that allows them to access to their account.

Alignment of patterns across the BBC apps was important to make sure the experience of signing in to the BBC is the same on every product, no matter what device.

BBC account key facts

  • 20+ million accounts
  • 12 million active signed in users per month
  • Horizontal project effecting all BBC online products2

Project complexity

  • Alignment of UI components across all BBC apps and teams
  • Stakeholders from all different teams wanting input and alignment with products
  • Designing for multiple platforms with legacy UI
  • Quantitive research with over 500 users

My role
UX designer
Responsibility for wireframing UI patterns, prototypes for testing, research objectives, findings report and documentation in GEL (BBC UX styleguide)

The Brief

Our brief was to build a pattern for signing in and registering on all BBC apps

  • UI for signing in and registering
  • UX journeys in app
  • Control of account settings

Quantitive user research

One of the really exciting parts of this project was the research study. We needed qualitative data from 4 of the BBC apps so that the end result can be backed up by data from multiple sources. In the research I helped to plan the complex study, manage the 20+ prototypes needed for the day and then organise the data we got back.

Simplified journeys

The end goal was always to create a set of reusable design components that let users sign into their account and access their settings. It included the Account Menu Module (used in the App Menu), and the Account Settings Module (used in the Settings screen). After the research was analysed we shared the findings with key stakeholders and got sign off on the preferred journey and pattern.

Product alignment

After we had alignment on the journeys and UI, we documented this for future use on our GEL website. This made sure that current and future products had reference for the design and rational for the decisions made.